Executive directors

5.1. Role

The board of directors entrusts two executive directors with the daily management of the company. These two directors will also be entrusted with the supervision and follow-up of the risks the board of directors has identified.

Executive directors:

  • Are responsible for the compilation of exhaustive, reliable and precise financial documents in good time and this according to the accountancy standards and policies of the company;
  • Will present an objective and understandable assessment of the company’s financial situation to the board of directors;
  • Regularly make suggestions to the board of directors pertaining to policy-making;
  • Take part in the preparation of the resolutions to be passed by the board of directors;
  • Provide any and all information to the board of directors necessary for the fulfilment of its obligations;
  • Implement internal checks (systems for the identification, management and follow-up of financial risks) and this without undermining the role of the board of directors in this regard ;
  • Regularly report to the board of directors insofar as their fulfilment of obligations is concerned.

5.2. Internal regulations for executive directors

The executive directors work in a spirit of partnership ; they will regularly consult each other for the purpose of exchanging information and opinions and assessing internal and external documents concerning the decision-making process for which they are authorized.

Given the spirit of partnership it is not deemed necessary to appoint a chairman of executive directors.