Listed securities

Breakdown of the listed portfolio by industry 


Performance by investment and by industry in 2017


Description (€ mil)  %
Technology & Internet 173.68 23.1%
samsung Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. produces electronic products for consumers and industry, semi-conductors, PC’s, peripheral equipment, screens, televisions and household appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens. The company also produces internet access systems, telecommunication equipment and mobile phones. 70.87 10.3%
intel The company Intel develops, produces and sells IT-parts and related products. The main products are microprocessors, computer mice, integrated processors, microcontrollers and memory cards, graphic products, network and communication products, operating software, conference systems and digital imaging products. 38.78 4.5%
mastercard MasterCard, Inc. offers payment solutions through its credit and debit services and payment programmes with financial institutions. The company also offers transaction services for debit and credit cards, transferable money, automated counters and traveller cheques. 32.22 4.3%
LogoRELX Relx PLC provides information solutions for professional customers across industries. The Company publishes information for the scientific, medical, legal, and business sectors. Relx serves customers worldwide. 31.82 4.0%
Investment companies 136.06 15.4%
sofina Sofina SA is an investment company listed on the Brussels stock exchange. 85.76 9.3%
Brederode S.A. 50.30 6.2%
Health care 145.83 14.5%
Novartis Novartis AG manufactures pharmaceuticals and health care products for the general public, including medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, breathing difficulties and infectious diseases, internal and urological pathologies, products in the field of oncology, dermatology, eyesight, arthritis, vaccines, diagnoses and animal health. 43.13 4.5%
fresenius Fresenius SE & Co KGaA is a worldwide group offering health products, dialysis treatment and health care products for home use, perfusion-, transfusion-and diagnostic equipment, blood-plasma separators and hemofilters, food supplements and solid and liquid pharmaceutical products. 47.99 4.3%
Sanofi Sanofi is a worldwide pharmaceutical company focusing on the research, development and production of medicine and vaccines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, metabolism disruptions, tumours, the nervous system and internal medicine. 36.14 3.5%
coloplast Coloplast SA develops and delivers health products and services. The company produces stoma, mastectomy, healing and skin care products. The research is carried out in cooperation with professional health care workers and users. Its customers are professional health care workers, traders and users. 18.58 2.1%
Consumer goods 108.96 12.8%
unilever Unilever SA produces well-known brands and consumables such as food products, detergents, perfumes, hygiene and household products. The company is also listed on the London stock exchange. 63.05 7.8%
nestle Nestlé SA is an international company producing and selling a wide range of food products such as milk, chocolate, sweets, mineral water, coffee, cream, herbs and pet foods. 45.91 5.0%
Oil 119.29 12.6%
Shell Royal Dutch Shell PLC – via its subsidiaries – explores for, produces and refines petroleum. The company produces fuels, chemical products and lubricants. The company owns and manages a worldwide fuel station network. 52.28 6.2%
Total Total SA explores for, produces, refines and sells petroleum and natural gas. The company also has a chemical division producing polypropylene and polystyrene, rubber, paint, ink, glues and resins. Total also operates a fuel station network in Europe, the United States and Africa. 39.95 3.9%
Eni Eni S.p.A. researches and produces hydrocarbon in Italy, Africa, Australia, the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Kazakhstan. Eni produces and imports natural gas to Italy and other European countries and distributes natural gas through pipelines. In addition it generates and sells energy, refines petroleum and operates a network of fuel stations. 27.06 2.5%
Industrial firms 75.24 8.6%
Logo 3M Co. conducts operations in electronics, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and office, health care, safety, and other markets. The Company’s businesses share technologies, manufacturing operations, brands, marketing channels, and other resources. 3M serves customers in countries located around the world. 37.22 4.4%
LafargeHolcim Ltd produces building materials. The Company produces and markets ready-mixed concrete, cement, clinker, and ad-mixtures. LafargeHolcim also provides consulting and engineering services in all areas of the cement manufacturing process. LafargeHolcim, through its subsidiaries, operates cement manufacturing facilities around the world. 21.66 2.1%
rolls royce Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC manufactures aero, marine and industrial gas turbines for civil and military aircraft. The Group designs, constructs and installs power generation systems, transmission and distribution systems, and equipment for the marine propulsion, oil and gas pumping, and defense markets. 16.36 2.1%
Financial services 12.70 4.6%
Royal Bank of Canada is a diversified financial services company. The Company provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management services, insurance, corporate and investment banking, and transaction processing services. Royal Bank offers its services to personal, business, public sector and institutional clients with operations worldwide. 2.7%
ageas Ageas offer life insurance and other insurance products and pays (back) disability benefits and medical expenses to private individuals and groups. 12.70 1.8%
Miscellaneous 101.18 8.4%
iberdrola Iberdrola S.A. produces, distributes, commercializes and sells electricity in the United Kingdom, the US, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The company specializes in clean energy, wind energy in particular. 36.21 4.3%
telenor Telenor ASA develops and supplies telecommunication, information and media services. The company offers telephone services and operates IT-systems. It offers telephone cards and telephone services, mobile data, satellite communication and television messages. It is represented in Norway and various other countries. 20.16 2.6%
capita Capita PLC offers an integrated range of services for the public and private sector in the United Kingdom. The company also offers customer services-HR-services, software, strategic support and properties. 7.08 0.5%
syngenta Syngenta AG manufactures cereals and harvest protection products. It manufactures herbicides and mould killers and seeds for crops, vegetables and flowers. 25.41 X
Other holdings < € 1MM 12.31 1.0%
TOTAL 872.94 100.0%


Portfolio on 31st December 2017

Securities Number of shares ISIN-code Bloomberg-code
(in € million)
Samsung Electronics (GDR) 100.000 US7960508882 SMSN LI Equity
Intel 1.127.000 US4581401001 INTC US Equity
Mastercard 328.950 US57636Q1040 MA US Equity
Relx 1.994.965 GB00B2B0DG97 REL:LN
Investment companies
Sofina 684.152 BE0003717312 SOF BB Equity
Brederode 1.204.575 X X
Health care
Novartis 625.000 CH0012005267 NOVN VX Equity
Fresenius SE & Co 646.191 DE0005785604 FRE GY Equity
Sanofi 470.000 FR0000120578 SAN FP Equity
Coloplast 310.000 DK0060448595 COLOB DC Equity
Consumer goods
Unilever 1.611.788 NL0000009355 UNA NA Equity
Nestlé 674.872 CH0038863350 NESN VX Equity
Royal Dutch Shell “A” 2.150.095 GB00B03MLX29 RDSA NA Equity
Total 820.000 FR0000120271 FP FP Equity
ENI 1.749.000 IT0003132476 ENI IM Equity
Industrial firms
3M 219.722 US88579Y1010 MMM UN
Lafarge-Holcim 433.486 CH0012214059 HOLN VX Equity
Rolls Royce 2.097.207 GB00B63H8491 RR LN Equity
Financial services
Royal Bank Of Canada 387.200 X X
Ageas 437.750 BE0974264930 AGS BB Equity
Iberdrola 6.395.266 ES0144580Y14 IBE SM Equity
Telenor 1.420.000 NO0010063308 TEL NO Equity
Capita 1.141.622 GB00B23K0M20  CPI LN Equity
Syngenta X CH0011037469 SYNN VX Equity
Other holdings < € 10M n.a.