Brederode (Belgium)- Archives 2010-2014

Minutes of the general assemblies

Extraordinary general assembly of 14th May  2014

  • Convocation letter to the general assembly: FR
  • Power of attorney: FR
  • Joint merger project: FR
  • Report drawn up by the board of directors of Brederode: FR
  • Report drawn up by the sole director of Acturus: FR
  • Report drawn up by the auditor of Brederode: FR
  • Report drawn up by the expert appointed by  Acturus: FR
  • Planned resolutions on the part of the sole partner of Acturus: FR
  • Annual report and management reports of Brederode
    • Fiscal year 2010 : (FRNLEN)
    • Fiscal year 2011 : (FRNLEN)
    • Fiscal year 2012 : (FRNLEN)
    • Annual reports and management reports of Acturus
      • Fiscal year 2013: FR
    • Minutes (FR)

OGA 14th May 2014

OGA 8th May 2014

EGA 31st December 2012

OGA 9th May 2012

 EGA 7th December 2011

OGA 11th May 2011

EGA 16th November 2010

OGA 12th May 2010