Transparency and acquisition of Brederode shares

Notifications pertaining to major shareholdings

Notifications of regulated information according to the law of 11th January 2008 related to transparency obligations on the information covering issuers whose Securities are traded on a regulated market.

2nd November 2020 STAK Holdicam
6th January 2020 STAK Holdicam
28th July 2014 STAK Holdicam & Holdicam S.A.

Acquisitions of Brederode shares

The supervisory body (la Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) is informed of  all transactions involving members of the Board of Directors or persons having close relations with the latter. (Law of 9th May 2006 on market abuse).

Acquisitions by Brederode and its direct and indirect subsidiaries:

14.03.2016 Geyser S.A
07.03.2016 Geyser S.A
29.02.2016 Geyser S.A
22.02.2016 Geyser S.A
15.02.2016 Geyser S.A
08.02.2016 Geyser S.A
01.02.2016 Geyser S.A
25.01.2016 Geyser S.A.
18.01.2016 Geyser S.A.
11.01.2016 Geyser S.A.
04.01.2016 Geyser S.A.
21.12.2015 Geyser S.A.
14.12.2015 Geyser S.A.
07.12.2015 Geyser S.A.
30.11.2015 Geyser S.A.
23.11.2015 Geyser S.A.
09.11.2015 Geyser S.A.
02.11.2015 Geyser S.A.
26.10.2015 Geyser S.A.
19.10.2015 Geyser S.A.
12.10.2015 Geyser S.A.
05.10.2015 Geyser S.A.
28.09.2015 Geyser S.A.
21.09.2015 Geyser S.A.
14.09.2015 Geyser S.A.
07.09.2015 Geyser S.A.
31.08.2015 Geyser S.A.
24.08.2015 Geyser S.A.
17.08.2015 Geyser S.A.
10.08.2015 Geyser S.A.
03.08.2015 Geyser S.A.
27.07.2015 Geyser S.A.
20.07.2015 Geyser S.A.
13.07.2015 Geyser S.A.
06.07.2015 Geyser S.A.

Archives 2014 -2015/06

Other acquisitions by members of Brederode’s Board of Directors or companies having close relations with them: (transactions relating to the past 30 days)

11.01.2016 Holdicam S.A.
04.01.2016 Holdicam S.A.
21.12.2015 Holdicam S.A.
14.12.2015 Holdicam S.A.
07.12.2015 Holdicam S.A.
30.11.2015 Holdicam S.A.