The share capital is set at EUR 182,713,909,08., represented by 29,305,586 shares without mention of the nominal value.

The authorized capital (non-issued) is set at EUR 250,000,000.00.

The subscribed capital and the authorized capital of the company can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the general assembly which is permitted to pass resolutions following the same procedure as in the event of an alteration of the articles of association.

The board of directors is authorized for a period of five years following the publication in Mémorial C, Recueil des Sociétés et Associations on the basis of the extraordinary general assembly meeting of 14th May 2014 to increase the subscribed capital in one or several times (up to a maximum sum of EUR 432,713,909.08) by issuing shares for an amount corresponding to the authorized capital (non-issued).

The increases in capital decided by the board of directors will be permitted to be implemented on the dates and according to the conditions set by the board of directors or his agent(s) by means of contributions in cash or in kind and this within the limits imposed by law (possibly by means of taking up available or unavailable reserves or share premiums with or without the issue of new shares). In the event of subscription in cash the new shares will first be offered to the shareholders and this in relation to the number of securities they own. These increases in capital can be subscribed to and these can be issued as shares with or without share premium as decided by the board of directors.