Stock Data

Rights The Brederode shares are ordinary shares, all with the same rights. Each share has the same right to dividends in the event of liquidation. Each share has the same voting rights during general meetings.
Limitations All shares can be traded freely.
Form The shares are compulsorily dematerialized.
Shareholders will not be permitted to request the conversion of shares into registered or bearer shares.
ISIN-code LU1068091351
Clearing 43 Avenue Monterey in 2163 Luxembourg.
The shares will be accepted for deposit and settlement with LuxCSD, Clearstream Luxembourg and Euroclear Bank.
Financial services Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A. (69 route d’Esch à 2953 Luxembourg)

Share price

The Brederode shares are traded on the regulated markets of EURONEXT Brussels and the LUXEMBOURG STOCK EXCHANGE.

EURONEXT Brussels Bourse de Luxembourg
Market Regulated market Regulated market
Type Continuous Continuous
Stock exchange symbol BREB BREL

 Sale prospectus

In application of section 7 of the amended Act of 10th July 2005 on securities the financial sector’s supervisory committee (CSSF) has approved the prospectus. This prospectus was drawn up following the merger between Acturus and Brederode for the purpose of allowing the Brederode shares to be traded on the regulated markets on the Luxembourg stock exchange and Euronext Brussels. This prospectus is published for information purposes only.

Listing Prospectus (only in French)